Mary Delicate and Katie Hoffman started Promoting Local Food in February 2020 to help farmers, farmers market managers and other local food supporters increase sales of locally and regionally grown food. As serious local food lovers, they have a mission to improve the economic sustainability of small family farms. 

Disclaimer: This blog is offered for information purposes only. You know your own business better than anyone else. You decide which tips and ideas may work for you.

About Mary Delicate

Since 2009 Mary has devoted her marketing, research and web design skills to promoting local food in Virginia. She has created websites, newsletters, blog posts and thousands of social media posts all to spread the word about local farms and farmers markets.

Throughout this time, her approach has been to train as she works. She shares tips, writes user-friendly instructions and conducts one-on-one training sessions for market managers, farmers and other market vendors.

Prior to discovering her passion for local food, she was a business information researcher. She spent her days searching periodicals, reports and databases pulling out relevant data and insights for entrepreneurs.

She loves uncovering and sharing information that others can use to grow their businesses. She hopes you find useful information on this site.​ More about Mary

About Katie Hoffman

Katie Hoffman grew up in Richmond, VA, but has landed in East Tennessee, right in the middle of the food, music, literature, and landscape she loves to study.


Katie’s PhD is in English, but her specialty is really Appalachian Studies. She’s a singer of traditional Appalachian ballads and a singer/songwriter with a CD to her credit, Beautiful Day. The CD features 9 of Katie’s original songs. She co-chaired the Appalachian section of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall in Washington, DC during the summer of 2003 and was the traditional music producer for a 4-part PBS series entitled Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People.


After 20-plus years as an academic, Katie is now a consultant and performer with a business of her own, Appalworks, which promotes Appalachian arts and culture--including foodways. She is also the Marketing and Promotions Director for a non-profit online farmer’s market that operates in the Richmond, VA area, Fall Line Farms and Local Roots.


Katie recently became the Executive Director of a new arts-based business incubator in Johnson City, TN called Create Appalachia. She and her husband, Brett Tiller, have a business refurbishing and reselling vintage cast iron. When it comes to Vintage Kitchen Cast Iron and Collectibles, Katie serves as the sales force—keeping the website and social media up to date, and working with clients and retail outlets to ensure that Brett’s handiwork gets out into the public where folks can admire (and buy)  it.


Current projects include writing producer profiles for Fall Line Farms and Local Roots, drying apples, making marmalade, and trying to bake a perfect custard pie.